Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Do you sell to the general public?
    A) We currently only sell to apparel businesses with a reseller license.

  2. Q) Does your company comply with the Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010?
    A) Yes, we are making every effort to comply with the new law and require our suppliers to certify that they are in full compliance.

  3. Q) Do you ship international orders?
    A) Currently we ship to Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. We don't ship directly to international addresses. However, if you use a verified freight forwarder in the U.S., we can ship the merchandise to them and they can forward it to you.


    TEL: 213-746-0337~8

    FAX: 213-746-8280


  4. Q) Are you open on weekends?
    A) No, we are not open on Saturdays.

  5. Q) What are your business hours?
    A) Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00AM to 6PM PST.

  6. Q) Can we come to your showroom for pick-ups?
    A) Yes, all orders taken at our showroom can be picked up right away.

  7. Q) How come I can't log in?
    A) If you forgot your login or password, please contact us for assistance.

  8. Q) Do you have a catalog?
    A) No, our clothing are constantly updated online and currently do not have a printed catalog. The best way to view our entire wholesale line is to look at the website.

  9. Q) What's your minimum?
    A) We require a minimum order of 6 or 12 piece prepack per style .

  10. Q) How much is shipping?
    A) Shipping cost is dependent on your location and the dimension of your item.

  11. Q) How long does it take to receive my order?
    A) General processing time may take up to 1-2 business days. Transit time varies based on your shipping location. (See below)

  12. Note: We will not be liable for delays in shipping caused by external causes (i.e. natural disasters, acts of terrorism, traffic accidents, etc.) or delays caused by the shipper (UPS or USPS).

    If you would like us to remove your profile, please email us at and type "Profile Removal Request" in the subject line of your email.

  13. Q) Where are your clothes made?
    A) Our clothing are manufactured both domestically and overseas.

  14. Q) Can I mix and match the clothing sizes?
    A) No, you can't pick and choose sizes in the prepack.

  15. Q) Can I buy less than the prepack?
    A) No, we don't have a dollar minimum but you must buy at least a prepack.

  16. Q) Can I get samples?
    A) No, we don't offer samples.

  17. Q) Can I buy only one piece?
    A) No, we don't sell single pieces. You must purchase at least the minimum.

  18. Q) What is "REMIND ME!" and how does it work?
    A) Products with "REMIND ME!" are Sans Souci's upcoming products. Click on "REMIND ME!" to receive email notification with updates or changes of selected products. Once you receive word that this item is in stock, it's up to you to act fast before is sold-out! To check your list of “REMIND ME!”, go to “MY ACCOUNT” by clicking your name on top right side of the website..

  19. Q) Do you have a return policy?
    A) Yes, we do have Returns & Exchange Policy.

  20. Q) Do you offer any discounts?
    A) No, all our discounted items can be found at our SALE page.

  21. Q) Do you have any coupon codes?
    A) We will periodically send out promotional coupon codes to our valued customers.

  22. Q) Can I sell on ebay?
    A) Yes, you may sell our products on ebay.

  23. Q) How much can I charge for your products?
    A) We suggest a markup of 50%, but this depends on your target market and location.

  24. Q) Do you have additional styles?
    A) All of our products are posted on our site, and new styles are added on a daily basis.

  25. Q) Can I put my own labels on your clothing design?
    A) Yes, we offer private label services. Minimum of 360 units is required for private labeling. Call us for details.